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Learn OS X Lion : with some experience

After using my new MacBook Air running OS X Lion, as windows user, i agree , I almost can’t take it anymore. Learning OS X is driving me absolutely batty, but not because I think the OS is incapable or anything of that nature. In reality, I had no idea More >

Download iPad Optimum App, Watch live TV

Now be ready for the live TV with your iPhone and iPod touch after the iPad. Cablevision has launched the app to the i OS for live TV. It will be nice experience for users.The users can enjoy TV everywhere with Optimum app for iPad. This app name is Optimum. More >

Make call on Facebook

Users of internet want to talk to each other by means of other than just text, as all we know facebook introducing new features for users. Facebook has introduced the video calling with the help of skype. All the users of facebook should become happy because now we can make call from our More >