We have been searching the contents via text over the years, Google introduced an excellent feature for searching images “Image Search” (Search via Image), you can go to http://images.google.com.


you can search any image by just uploading it, same or similar images will be shown as thumbnail. Click the image to view or go to the image page.

Similar to text search, Advance image search functionality is available, Lot of options are there to help you find your desired image. like:

File type: You should upload a file that has similar type as that of intended searched type. Search results are better for well known file types like JPEG, JIF etc may not be as accurate for the type PNG

File Size :The image size shoule be considered, specify large small etc, specify large for more than 1000 pixels.

Type of image: You can select type of image from the options – Any type, Face Photo, Clip art, Lin etc.

An Excellent feature again by Google.

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